Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ebooks analyze

*** This review may contain spoilers ***
I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and was very pleased with how well it stuck to the book. Because of this, I had high expectations for Part 2. I mean, if you did so well in the first half, you have to do just as well in the 2nd half, right? Right? Wrong.
The movie started off very well, starting from exactly where it left off in Part 1 so staying faithful to the book all the way to when Harry and co break into Hogwarts. That’s wherever it starts to go down hill.
The good:
– Neville. He turned out to be perfectly perfect. I really wish they gave him more screen time because he was adorable.
– The Gringott’s scene. Very well done.
– The emotion we are shown out of Snape. Throughout the series, he’s been rather monotonous and emotionless. In the pensieve, we see a different side of him to it is a refreshing change.
– The battle at Hogwarts. It was intense and wonderfully done.
– Helena Ravenclaw. It was quite emotional and creepy. Although they did not tell us her back story having the Bloody Baron.
– Rupert Grint and Dan Radcliffe shirtless. That’s certainly a plus.
OK you know it’s bad when I resort to publishing about that.
The bad:
– They completely obtained out the scene where Harry and Luna go into the Ravenclaw Common Room, where they are ambushed by one of the Carrows. It appeared as if they would show it, as I hope they would (I’ve always wanted to read the other common rooms), but then they don’t. Hm.
– Fred’s death scene. Gone. Yup. They show his body right after at the end and don’t even give you time to grieve before moving on to the next scene. This is an insult to his character’s memory.
– Crabbe’s disappeared. Gets replaced by Zabini, and replaced in a separate way by Goyle.
– Snape’s memories are rushed and they take out various of the most interesting memories. They just go through a few of them quickly. I’ve always enjoyed the memories, because you’ll get to see life at Hogwarts through the eyes of someone else for a change, in a different time era.
– Hermione and Ron battle Nagini, and eventually Neville slays the snake. Eventually. It takes many time getting to that scene.
– There is not a single mention of Teddy Lupin. That is, until the end any time Harry suddenly knows about Lupin’s son. Weird, considering Harry would be camping in a forest and hadn’t heard of any of this.
– Collin Creevey is replaced by that ergodic Nigel kid.
– The students are not sent home. No, the teachers contemplate it’s OK to just lock the Slytherins in the dungeons and let everybody else stay and fight.
– Still no mention of the actual significance of the horcruxes. Hufflepuff’s cup is just a plain old cup that Voldy turned into a horcrux.
– Not enough interaction with characters other than the trio. Too much Harry. It’s because if everybody else just have cameos.
– Random scene where they blow up an individual of the bridges (ignoring the fact that there are like 2 other bridges that would take them into the school).
– Voldemort’s and Bellatrix’s death = explosion towards confetti!
– Percy’s on the good side completely of a sudden. No explanation at all (a reoccurring theme with Yates, don’t you think?).
– Harry does not fix his old wand under the Elder Wand. No, instead he takes the Elder Wand and SNAPS IT IN HALF. Is that even possible? I didn’t think so. So Harry breaks the wand and right after that chucks it into the abyss. Really Yates, really?
– All of the fun and cheerful dialogue including the future scene has been resorted to everybody staring and smiling at each other. No explanation once again. They don’t additionally say who’s who! Plus there is absolutely no chemistry between Dan and Albus Severus. And it was really awkward to see all of them all with old make up on.
– Goodbye Dumbledore’s back story!
– Too many attempts from one-liners and humorless jokes.
*End of Spoilers*
Harry potter and the deathly hallows pdf All in all of the, all of the personality and charm of the series was zapped away in an attempts to make this final movie is action-packed being possible. It’s a shame to see something that you’ve grown up with, learned to love, taken and twisted into somebody’s ‘vision.’ I mean, why bother adding your own unimportant scenes to the movie, when there are perfectly good ones in the book that you did certainly not bother using at all? There’s no…bonding with the characters, no connection with them you felt in Part 1. I did not feel the love for this movie like I had with the e-book. There was just so much significance that was left out of that movie, and it is such a shame. It had such potential to be a fantastic movie, and it fell short all because of the changes that were unnecessarily made.
See the movie, and I’m sure you’ll form your own view of it. It’s not a bad movie, just disappointing so unsatisfying for a die-hard fan who’s been following the books for 10 years of their life.


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